Being situated in the heart of Mid Wales has many benefits, one of them being the beautiful surrounding landscape. 

Service Users have the opportunity to explore the local scenery. With our own minibus our day care assistant takes Service Users on trips to tour the local Victorian town; The Rock Park with fresh running spa waters; our prized possession - the Lake and Boating House and further afield to the neighbouring Elan Valley Dams with awe-inspiring views.

Activities within the Home

We realise that an active and sociable life-style is a must for our Service Users and is why we have a Full Time Activities Coordinator who assists clients to enjoy a range of activities, some of which are listed below:

  • Art and Crafts

  • Darts

  • Gardening

  • Musical Entertainment

  • Quizzes & Crosswords

  • Chair Exercises

  • Bean bag (throwing and catching)

Our aim with activities is to encourage Service Users to have fun, socialise, make friends and rekindle once loved hobbies.


Freedom like Never Before

Never before has it been as easy or accessible for Service Users to venture out to see the wonderful surrounding landscape, with disabled access and no longer worrying about taxi fares, the Spa's Minibus allows so much more freedom for the Service Users.